We believe that a natural environment is best enhanced with a natural product. Often our most inspirational and striking garden and landscape pieces are those created by Mother Nature. Our feature stones stop people in their tracks, as they stand mesmerised by the proportions and colouration of the stone. While at the other end of the scale our rockery stone is perfect for creating areas of interest and distinction, guiding your eye through the landscape.

We use as much of our raw material as possible, creating landscaping and feature products for gardens, parks and public spaces but sometimes nature calls out for something more structured and crafted. Form and function is catered for with our paving, walling stone and gabions while your imagination can run wild with our specialist commission service. Whether it’s a statue, folly, item of garden furniture or a memorial we have the in-house expertise to create something extraordinary.

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Feature Stones

Mankind has been using standing stones for millennia. Make your mark with one of our feature stones.

Weighing between ¼ tonne and six tonnes our standing stones are often our biggest talking point. Their colour, scale and texture offer a unique point of interest for any garden or landscape.

Our standing stones have been installed in geological gardens, used as memorial features and boundary markers, and even provided a talking point in the Gold Medal Award M&G Garden at RHS Chelsea 2016. They can also be used creatively in public spaces like the Coal Measure Giants installation at the Sculpture Trail in the Forest of Dean.


Gabion Facings

We’ve transformed the simple gabion into a decorative landscape feature.

Our Random Rectangular Cropped Building Stone and Natural Walling Stone are both suitable for gabion facing stone. We can also supply a lower grade material for gabion in-fill if required.



Suitable for pathways, terraces, patios and entrances.

Sandstone has long been used as a paving product due to its non-slip and hardwearing properties. With variations in colour and finish you can create a paved area like no other.

Gauge Width

300, 450 and 600mm


Random lengths 300 – 1000mm


38 or 50mm (Garden use only. Unsuitable for vehicular access / driveways)


Mixed (typically)


Sawn, Bush Hammered or Flame Textured


External – pathways and patios

Installation + Care

Algae, lichens and other flora will develop on damp areas, particularly shaded areas on the weather side of the building. These areas may require cleaning on a more regular basis


Packed onto shrink-wrapped, non-returnable pallets. Typically weighing approx. one tonne. We can arrange kerb-side delivery in most cases, please contact us for more details


Rockery Stone

…Comes in all shapes and sizes and showcases the colour spectrum of our Pennant sandstone.

Sold by the bag this remains a popular choice.

Typically each stone weighs between 25-50kg each. You can expect around 20 stones per one tonne bag.



Want something truly artistic and stand-out, then look no further…

Forest of Dean Pennant Sandstone is perfectly suited for sculpting. It combines durability and strength with ease of working. While technically not a ‘free stone’ it behaves as one, allowing for precision and intricate detailed carving.


Swimming Pool Surrounds

Paving + Coping Stone = Swimming Pool Surround.

The best way to describe our swimming pool surround is a hybrid of our paving and coping stone. With no sharp edges our surround stone is ‘swimmer friendly’ and works to delineate and define the edge of the swimming pool.

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