Forest of Dean Stone Firms is committed to preserving the environment through the activities, products and services we offer, and to provide them in a way which is protective to human health and the environment. We seek to minimise any release of any harmful products to atmosphere, land or water.

Generating hydroelectricity using the hydropower of the River Lyd

We use the hydro power of Cannop Ponds to generate hydroelectricity for use in our stoneworks. 

So how does it work? The water is diverted from the existing spillway down a penstock pipe and through a high efficiency cross flow turbine which generates around 12kW of power, equating to some 50,000kWh of hydroelectricity over the course of a year. When taking into account the Feed-in Tariff hydropower makes a significant contribution to our annual electricity costs


We strive to minimise the volume and toxicity of waste generated by us and operate an internal recycling programme; seeking opportunities to recycle waste before using other waste management procedures. 

Recycling: Recycling and repurposing waste products

Water: All water used as part of the production process is cleaned and recycled through a closed filtration system.

Stone off-cuts: As a by-product of the primary production process all of our off-cuts are reprocessed into Random Rectangular Cropped Building Stone.