Case Study

George Boole, Grandfather of the Digital Age

Forest Pennant Sandstone

Commemorative sculpture unveiled in Lincoln

A new statue of maths genius George Boole has been unveiled in Lincoln, the city of his birth place. George Boole is known as the grandfather of the digital age and devised Boolean logic. His invention is what modern computer code is based on - it gives people the best results on search engines such as Google.

The base stones, in 8 sections with a chamfer detail, are in mixed colour Forest Pennant with a singular circular stone in blue pennant sandstone. The plinth stone is mixed colour with a recessed face. The Letter carving and inscriptions on the plinth were completed by our masons at Forest of Dean Stone Firms.

Antony Dufort designed the bronze sculptures.
The Heslam Trust part funded the the project, supported by Lincoln City Council.
Paul Booth, stone mason, was responsible for the installation.