Generating hydroelectricity using the hydropower of the River Lyd

In September 2007 we commissioned a feasibility study into harnessing the hydro power of Cannop Ponds, to generate hydroelectricity for use in our stoneworks. Over the next three years we received positive feedback to formal studies and environmental surveys and were able to complete the scheme.

So how does it work…

The water is diverted from the existing spillway down a penstock pipe and through a high efficiency cross flow turbine which generates around 12kW of power, equating to some 50,000kWh of hydroelectricy over the course of a year. When taking into account the Feed-in Tariff hydropower makes a significant contribution to our annual electricity costs.

In support of our commitment and dedication to improving the environmental impact of our business through the use of hydro power we have been awarded:

  • Business of the Year: The Forester Business Awards 2011
  • Environmental Award: Sustain Magazine Awards 2011
  • Award in Innovation: Natural Stone Sustainability Awards 2011
  • Environmental Business Award: The Citizen and Gloucestershire Echo Business Awards 2011 in association with SouthWestBusiness
  • Our managing director Nicholas Horton was also honoured to be named Environmental Hero by The Citizen and Gloucestershire Echo at the Heart of Gloucestershire Community Awards 2011.

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