Christmas Card Competition Challenges Local School Pupils

Published: 28th January 2012

As part of our community engagement programme we tasked the pupils of Lydbrook and Parkend primary schools to design our corporate Christmas card.  The children were allowed to choose from one of three themes; Christmas, the Forest of Dean or Hydro Power – in celebration of our award-winning hydro turbine installation.

Eight winners were selected, with one overall winner being chosen for our Christmas card for 2012.  However, due to weather conditions in December the ceremony and visit to our works had to be delayed until the New Year.  The eight short-listed designers braved the cold to take a closer look at our hydro project and see behind the scenes at the stoneworks, accompanied by head teacher, Simon Lusted.

Ongoing educational activities will include visits to the company’s quarry at Barnhill, projects detailing the company’s use of the River Lyd to power a hydro turbine, as well as the carbon reduction and environmental benefits of renewable energies.

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