Tactile paving is a ground surface indicator aiding those who are blind or visually impaired to navigate an urban environment.

Forest Pennant offers three types of tactile paving; barface, blister and corduroy. It is the ideal choice for those specifying Forest Pennant paving.

Barface Tactile Paving

Our barface tactile paving provides an excellent anti-slip surface. With a relief profile it offers added grip and is ideal for areas with an incline or access ramp.

Blister Tactile Paving

Forest Pennant blister tactile paving is used to identify a safe place to cross and the presence of a drop kerb. The change in texture can be felt underfoot.

Our blister paving is typically supplied in a single size 400 x 400mm slab.

Corduroy Tactile Paving

Forest Pennant corduroy tactile paving alerts the blind and visually impaired that a hazard is nearby and to proceed with care. It is most commonly used at the top and bottom of a flight of steps.

The majority of our corduroy tactile paving is single size 400 x 400mm slab but bespoke sizes can be produced, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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