Coal Measure Giants

Published: 15th July 2016

To celebrate its 30 year anniversary the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail, a leading location for contemporary public art, commissioned four new pieces of artwork. Unveiled on 15th July, Coal Measure Giants by rising British star, Henry Castle ‘…brings to the surface aspects of what lies hidden beneath the Forest’s surface.’

‘Exploring the geological, industrial and sociological aspects of the Forest’s history…’ Henry worked closely with our quarry foreman, Brian Andrews to source fossils dating back 300 million years to the Carboniferous period.
Barnhill Quarry is just one mile from the Sculpture Trail and is a source of Forest of Dean Pennant sandstone. Our stone was formed as part of the Carboniferous period and lies within the Cannop Fault Belt.  The period began 354 million years ago and ended 290 million years ago, it was originally called the Coal Measures after its generation of coal-bearing rocks.

‘Visitors will be able to touch the fossilised remains of 300 million year old trees and see the form of the mine shaft sets that provided a livelihood for generations of local freeminers. Two sculptures placed 300 metres apart acts as markers, measuring the depth of the coal seam that lies directly below the ground.’
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About the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail
Coal Measure Giants is one of 16 permanent and temporary works which form the Sculpture Trail, some dating back to the trail’s inception in 1986. The Sculpture Trail attracts more than 300,000 visitors per year and is managed by the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust in partnership with Forestry Commission England.

Henry Castle ‘Coal Measure Giants’ 2016
Courtesy of the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust
Images: David Broadbent

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