New Build: The Chicken House

Chicken House, Eastbach

Forest of Dean Stone Firms supplied its Pennant sandstone for the construction of a unique folly at a private residence in Gloucestershire.  A combination of  mixed colour and blue Forest of Dean Pennant sandstone was used to create the Palladian-style building.  Known as The Chicken House, the folly lives up to its name, housing the owner’s fowl!

The plinth stones and steps were worked by the company’s masons while the columns and bases were turned on the Radia lathe.  The cornice was profiled also using the Radia.  The tympanum was cut in the high-grade blue Pennant sandstone before being carved by hand, using a contract partner; carved features include chickens, eggs and Humpty Dumpty.

The fine carving detail to the embellishments and column caps was crafted by stonemasons from main contractor, Treasure & Son Ltd.  Specialising in the renovation, repair and conservation of old and historic buildings, the Shropshire-based business had a team of masons onsite, responsible for fixing the stonework.  Forest of Dean Stone Firms made regular visits to site and worked closely with Treasures’, Toni Bassi to maintain an accurate and efficient supply of the sandstone.  This commitment and attention to detail ensured a quality finish for this extraordinary building.

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