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2United Stone Firms Ltd – A Unique Insight into the British Stone Industry circa 1912

We are proud to offer a limited edition reprint of the prestigious United Stone Firms Ltd book, an early 20th century celebration of British natural stone. A snap-shot into Edwardian Britain, the book explores 13 natural stone materials including our very own Forest of Dean Pennant sandstone alongside Portland, Bath, Bristol Pennant and Red Wilderness stone to name but a few. It details their production, associated works and suitability, complemented by truly awe-inspiring photography.

Out of circulation for 100 years, and with only two original copies in existence, we wanted to mark the centenary of this historically-important publication with a digitally remastered reprint.

Available in hard and soft copy format we were keen to maintain the integrity of the original. We have added a number of discreet features including a small centenary graphic on the spine and a foreword from our director, Marcus Scott Russell.

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